Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Here we go 2012 - knitting and such like

Fair Isle mini blanket
New dolls in red and blue
January 2012 was to be spent in creating new knitty stuff for this seasons craft sales.  Looking at old Fair Isle patterns inspired me to knit this mini blanket for doll/teddy.  The yarn used is Welsh Mountain DK natural brown and quite sturdy, not at all soft, so will stand up to the wear and tear of picnics in the garden.

These dolls are a new and original creation.  The limbs have been knitted from soft lambswool, which looks like very fine 2 ply but knits as 4 ply.  This time I have used toy stuffing and not sheep's fleece to stuff the dolls.

Doll/teddy needs options, so I have also created blanket, sheet and pillow sets.  Some of the yarns used will be more luxurious than others, such as this pink one, where I have used Rowan silk tweed.  The sheets and pillows have been sewn from fabric bought from Canvas and Cloth in Narberth - very pretty they are too.

This is just a start for the season - but why did I think I could make all my stock for the year in one month?  Didn't happen .....

January ended with a flurry of snow.

Pembrokeshire snow

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