Sunday, 24 June 2012

Perambulator and other such like .....

Vintage pram
Once people get to know that I collect vintage/retro bits and pieces, they very kindly start looking out for items that might be of interest to me.  This week I was told about this lovely child's pram from the early 1960s, which was sitting in their shed and probably destined for the bin. 

A good scrub will remove most of the grime but I don't intend to do much more than that, as far as renovation goes.  The pram will be used as a prop on my vintage/handmade stall.  Sorry pram collectors,  this item is not for sale.

A musical jewellery box, with a twirling ballerina.  Needs some tlc as the mirror section is moving away from the lid, but that can easily be put right.  Wish there were more of these pretty and useful boxes around. 

Twirling ballerina

These two photos are examples of many illustrations taken from a couple of Edwardian children's story books, dated 1911.  The books are in a dilapidated condition, so I have plans to frame some of the better pictures as they are just too sweet to leave unused and out of sight.  

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