Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Toy making

 This is a 1970s book I found recently and its contents show how to make toys from different types of materials, such as wood, paper and cloth.

Someone had spilled a cup of tea over the edge of the book so the pages were stuck together, but once I prised them apart, it was still readable and just a little unsavoury in appearance.

The instructions for hinged paper or cardboard figures are just the thing to make for next Christmas, as tree decorations perhaps, so off I go again with my forward planning.

 Strange how in the 1970s there is a suggestion for making a spaceman (spaceperson), but that is how we thought about life in those days; our view on technology.

What would be influencing our designs now?   A celebrity, owl or cupcake (not a figure but you could still do a hinged decoration)......

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