Saturday, 31 March 2012

Flaming March

In the Pink
Pink isn't my favourite colour but whilst out and about searching for vintage items, I came across this metal doll's cot and it came home with me.  It is in need of a mattress, so that's another activity to be added to the "must do" crafting list. 

The mini bunting in Jubilee colours is hand knitted in cotton and is available, along with other colour choices, at Jane's Vintage Shop, Narberth.

Radio times
An addition to the Geranium range are notelets/greeting cards, illustrated with vintage playing cards.  These will be available for sale at the next vintage fair in Narberth, 14th April.


  1. Replies
    1. I keep looking for wooden doll cots but they are evading me so far. New ones are at mad prices!

  2. Are you going to paint the cot? I think it could take a nice sage green myself.

    I was in a fine shop today, and they were selling card with a cut out window in with a pair of earrings or a pendant peeking through. I thought they were a mighty neat idea for those people for whom a present is a bit full on, but a card is stingy. £6.95. What do you think?

    1. Was looking at Greyish blue - sage green is a nice suggestion. The wheels are plastic but I am sure they will take paint.

      Cut out cards with a small gift inside would be a nice pressie.